Canyon Grail Al headset size

moonshine Posts: 1,021
Can anyone confirm the headset size for a 2020 Canyon Grail Al?
I’m looking to replace the factory headset
This indicates IS44 top and bottom.
I was thinking of going Hope


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    moonshine Posts: 1,021
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    Its a 1 ¼” steerer on the Grail-
    And I can’t work out if it is integrated, or integral…

    So ZS44, (zero stack, integral) or IS44 (integrated) (i don’t see IS44 on Hope, only ZS44, , but the ZS44 hope bearings (type 2 and Type B) are 1 ⅛” steerer??? I don’t understand!!

    It looks like hope don't do a 1 1/4" (30mm) headset :(

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