Does a 9 speed cassette fit?

Good evening,

Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section, im new here.

Ive been reading alot about upgrading from a 7 speed to a 9 speed, and that it would fit, if the bike has certain ''spacers''. But i cant seem to find any good info on what these spacers are exactly.

So my question, does a 9 speed cassette fit on this bike as it is now?

Thanks so much for your insight!

(dont mind the dirt, i know, gotta clean it still :) )


  • whyamihere
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    It looks like a 9 speed cassette would probably fit. The correct spacer to fit a 7 speed cassette on a 9 speed freehub body is 4mm, like this one:

    You appear to have at least two spacers on there, it's difficult to tell from the small picture, but I'd guess they probably add up to 4mm. It's also possible that it's an 11 speed freehub - Fitting a 9 speed cassette to an 11 speed freehub requires a 1.85mm spacer, so if the stack of spacers you have measures closer to 6mm, then it's probably an 11 speed freehub and you should leave one of the spacers there.
  • Sorry for the late awnser, and thank you for yours! Helps alot :)