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I'm 12 months into road biking at age 60. I bought a second hand Claud Butler Echelon in July last year and done about 3000 miles on it. I'm thinking about upgrading my CB or at least keeping it as a Winter bike. Does anyone have any suggestions as to next-level (budget) bike that would improve my speed (currently about 15 mph over 30 miles) or is it more about me than the bike? Thanks in advance.


  • First.Aspect
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    Definitely more about you than the bike. But having nice stuff is... um... nice.

    What is your budget?
  • Yeah, thought it would be. Budget's up to around £1000 and I was thinking perhaps a Specialised?
  • Mad_Malx
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    The speed is almost entirely determined by the engine (you), BUT

    The spec I’m seeing on this bike is an 2x8 speed, with fairly high gearing.
    If you are grinding up hills (or struggling), then a decent newer bike will give you lower gears and/or more gears to play with, so the gaps between gears might be smaller and you can keep your legs turning at your optimal speed.
    Your groupset (shifters, crank and derailleur) appear to be quite basic too, and the wheels are probably quite heavy. A better bike will give you smoother changes and an all round nicer feel.
    It isn’t really worth upgrading the components on you CB, because you would end up spending more than the price of a new bike.

    The type of terrain (hills or flatland?) and amount you are happy spending very much determine what would anyone would recommend as a new bike, but once you get to around £1000 it can be mostly about what you like the look of, and what’s on offer. Anything with Shimano tiagra upwards, or equivalent SRAM or campagnolo gears will work fine.
    Local shops can be great and sometimes do great deals, but (in the uk at least) the market has gone a bit mad In the last 18 months.
    For big sellers/online then Decathalon triban and Boardman are both good value for money, but there really are too many variables.

    Unless you are strapped for cash any upgrade will make you happy and might make you ride even more, so that way you get faster.
  • Thanks Mad Max that's food for thought. It is mainly flatland around here for the majority of my rides. I am relatively fit but realise age is probably against me although, when the wind's not against, I can happily spin along at 20 mph.
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    How about the Dolan Prefissio - back on sale again. With Shimano 105 or Campagnolo Centaur, comes in at under the £1k marker - although there may be some postage charges to be added....
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    Hi, I've recently bought a Ribble R872 rim brake, came with mavic aksium wheels as standard and tiagra groupset. Cost around £1100, I'm really pleased with it. Have a look on their website, might take a while waiting but definitely worth it.
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    Thanks guys. I think what I was trying to ask was, which bike would represent a step up to the next level from the CB which has in the main been answered by Mad Maix 👍