When I thought I got it all dialled in.

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I bought a cheap, second hand Fabric Scoop saddle to test for comfort. Wow, yes it was perfect, sorted. Two weeks later I went for a new Fabric Line saddle. It was comfy and I thought I'd cracked it with the additional pressure relief channel.

A year on I put that old second hand Scoop saddle back on and realised the Line wasn't as comfortable because it was too narrow, (134mm) something I never thought that much about.

I decided on a brand new Scoop so did the undignified sit bone check on a piece of corrugated cardboard (thanks Steve) and went for the 142mm width version.

So it's not just about padding, base flex, profile, etc to avoid numbness after all!

Perfect natural riding position that fits like a glove on this properly fitting saddle.

Fit and forget with no more repositioning on the rails thinking something was off or shifting my a#se back and forwards now.

I don't know why I took note of all the other stuff I read and ignored the important factor of correct width fitting?


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    Thanks for the name check reaper. :)
    I never knew that you could buy the same saddle in different widths. I thought that one WTB Rocket V saddle was the same width as every other WTB Rocket V saddle. But it turned out that I had just been lucky!

    I bought a new bike with its own brand saddle on it. It made my bum hurt, so I bought another one of my favourite saddles (guess which). OMG! that was even worse! I got saddle sores, which for the uninitiated is like a combination of a blister, a rash and a burn, yikes!

    Some serious research followed. Using the corrugated cardboard trick on a flat surface, I established that my sit bones are 130mm apart. Guess what? The branded saddle was 135 mm and the new favourite saddle was 130 mm. No wonder I was in pain. :'(

    I bought a 150mm saddle and happiness has been in abundance ever since. I will gloss over the healing period, you really could do without the detail. :s
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    Yeah I didn't realise Fabric did different widths either. Something I never took much notice of too at the time.

    Lol, yes acutely aware of saddle sore but thankfully not for a long time now, no need to explain!😖

    Gone from 134 to 142mm and a more rounded profile (Radius) that I assume makes a difference also.

    Not so sure about the colour with a blue bike but comfort (and now fit) is the obvious priority.....for £20 I'll grow to like it! 😄

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    I found this to be very helpful. I preferred the direct measurement method of the cardboard, but it agreed with the wrist bone approach.


    WTB have a great range of saddles and they come in a range of widths and padding too.
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    Ah I've never even heard of, stumbled across that method or that website before.

    I'll have a good look and will be double checking tomorrow and see how it matches up. Always itching for an excuse to use my digital vernier gauge. Thanks Steve. 😎👍