Spoke Tension

New ish member with my first question .
I'm currently reading and leaning about wheels and building them .
I'm rebuilding a friends rear wheel at the moment
Its a Prime Black Edition 60 rear .
I asked wiggle as they are the rim maker .
They came back with max tensions of

Front 15 N ( 147 kgf ) not relevant to the discussion

12 N (118 kgf) on the Non Drive Side and 6 (59 kgf )on the drive side .
Have they got it wrong way around ? As with what I've read the higher should be on the drive side
Spec is DT Aerolite NDS ,DT Aero Comp DS
With Squorx nipples and washers
Hub is RD 010 Alloy

Thanks in advance for any help


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    Yeah, you are correct, they've just written it the wrong way around. 2X or 3X both sides, so the drive side will certainly be higher.
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Interesting the figure for the front wheel, which shows very poor understanding of a wheel's dynamics... you hardly need any tension at the front as there is no real load
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  • Thanks for the replies folks.
    It's much appreciated