Non enve brake pads on older school 'Smart' Enve rims

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Hi BR Crew,

I am fortunate enough to have some Enve 6.7s, with the old school smooth braking surface.

I have bought the Enve recommended grey pads, but have heard very good things both about the Swiss stop Black prince, and more so the Yellow King pads.
Cost is on a par, or less than the Enve equivalents.

I gather the black prince ones last longer, but as per a youtube review I saw, I would rather sacrifice £6 pads as opposed to the rim on a fairly expensive wheel, and I gather the Yellow ones are softer still.

Has anyone used them / have any feedback?

My current pads are basically new, maybe 300 miles at most, but my plan is to continue using the grey ones on the rear brake (by the BB) and only use these ones on the front.
That way I'll still get to use the grey ones and wear them out, and will have 2 complete sets (2 grey and 2 yellow)

I know officially Enve say only to use their pads, but I have no warranty on it, and presumably they would say that ;-)

Plenty of people seem to use either brake pad on them with seemingly no issues.

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  • webboo
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    I have used both of the those on my Zipps and they work fine but I now use those blue Wiggle ones and I can’t tell the difference. Same with the Zipp ones that came with the wheels.
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    Agree with Webboo - have used black and yellow Swissssstop, some white BBB things and now on Lifeline blue - blue are just as good as Swisstop and dirt cheap.
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.