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1-Cross laced rear track wheel

matudaveymatudavey Posts: 108
My plan was to put a track hub on a Planet X 101 rear wheel I recently acquired, for track endurance racing, mainly on outdoor 450m track. It was laced single cross, with hidden nipples, which surprisingly seemed to be standard nipples with the driver notch scraping the rim, no washers.

I wanted to build with the nipples visible so i could true it if necessary without removing the tub.
So i measured up and got spoke lengths for visible nipples and 2 cross as that's what i'd always built.

Having put the first nipples in, I think the spoke bed holes are too narrow for the nipple shaft, and I HAVE TO to use inverted/hidden nipples.

So my spokes are now too short. Spoke calcs seeeeems to suggest I'll get about 12mm extra by going 1 cross, which will give me enough space to add an HM washer and invert the nipple,hopefully without bottoming out on the thread.

I suppose my concern (besides now everything feeling like a bit of a bodge) is that 1x was stiff enough for a TT wheel but not ideal for track racing.

Anyone kind enough to put my mind at ease or completely chuck out the whole thing?


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    I think you should leave it alone...
    1x is adequate for 20 spokes and might be enough for 24... ultimately, who cares... you are lapping a track, what can possibly go wrong? seems a waste of money to tinker with it
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