SOLD FS Token Vigilante QR TK2390-R5 Road Skewers BNIB

FS Token Vigilante QR TK2390-R5 Road Skewers BNIB

New and unused

Some riders like to have light parts on their bikes while others prefer something with maximum strength; the Vigilante falls on the latter end of the two choices. Originally, this skewer was only specced out for mountain bikes, but we had all these roadies demanding they not be left out, and if there’s one thing we do know...... you don’t anger a roadie! To make it acceptably light for road riders we milled out the middle of the lever. But then the mountain bikers saw the new design and demanded it as well because it looks better. So.....we decided to make everyone happy and offer the same design across the board. The new lever design and axles will fit both road and mountain bikes and we finally got roadies and mountain bikers to agree on something!

To help those with weak arms, but legs like horses (think roadies), this skewer uses an internal cam that allows for much higher clamping force meaning less effort is needed to close the lever when compared to a standard skewer. Vigilante skewers clamp the wheels into the frame for increased stiffness and security so those horse legs can power away without any issues of the wheels coming loose. After all this development we’ve been left with a skewer that is reasonably light but clamps very tightly. We hope this makes everyone happy because we’re frankly tired of the constant bickering.

WEIGHT Road QR: 123 g (set)
MATERIAL Aluminium & steel
PRODUCT CODE TK2390-R5: Road QR - 100 (f) / 130 (r)
RRP £45