Failed Aksium Disk freehub

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Hi Folks
I wonder if you can help me. An Aksium Disk freehub failed on me on Sunday, quite abruptly. It's skipping; engaging maybe half the time.
So, the most obvious answer is the ratchets. OK; I've pulled it apart, and there's nothing wrong there - nothing visibly worn or broken, original grease still there, no ingress of dirt, no freeplay. The wheel is only 1k miles/14 months old.
I've cleaned it and reassembled, once with Teflon grease, once with oil, but neither had any effect.
The only unusual (I think) thing is that the body won't come off the axle as I think it should - I've had to undo the disk end and take the body and the axle out as one.
Mavic haven't been of much help, saying 'ah, it's ratchets, it doesn't count as warranty, it's normal wear - fix it yourself'. Yeah. Great. I'm buggered if I can see what the issue there is. My only thought is that it could be the spring going slack, but it would be a gradual thing, whereas it failed within 15 mins or so - skipped once, twice, and became a free spinner. But I don't know.
I could, in principle, replace the spring and the ratchets - 30 pounds - but I'm not at all sure it's them that's the problem. And AFAIK they're not known to fail that often. Just 1k miles...

Would you have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!
Please see the photo of the innards - it's the kind with two toothed disks, not pawls.

Thanks again.