Caad12 crankset options

scfc151 Posts: 11
Hi all

I have a caad12 with a bb30a cannondale si crankset
It has 172.5mm crank arms
Im 5'8 and would like to give some 165s a go.
Cannondale si 165 crankarms are as rare hens teeth.
Are there any other options that would fit? Im happy to try second hand as it may or may not suit me


  • poptart242
    poptart242 Posts: 531
    You could run some reducers and try 24mm axle cranks? FSA reducers are pretty cheap. I think I might have some cutting about, happy to post if you don't mind waiting for a bit.
  • itboffin
    itboffin Posts: 20,052
    at 5' 8" why run 165mm cranks just use 170 or 172
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