Wanted: Cheap/entry-level flat bar, brake, gear lever, stem 8 x 3 - drop to flat conversion bits

I've got a Triban 520 that I'd like to convert from drop to flats.
Would like useable parts in decent condition for it.


  • womack
    womack Posts: 566
    Where are you located, I have a bar and a pair of 3x8 flat bar shifters but really can't be censored with getting involved with wrapping and posting.

    I do have stems to fit the bars also but they were used with an insert on a one inch steerer so are quite tight on a normal 1. 1/8 steerer.

  • Hi Womack,
    I'm close to Box Hill, Surrey.
  • womack
    womack Posts: 566

    Hi Womack,
    I'm close to Box Hill, Surrey.

    Sorry, other end of the country.
  • slowestrider
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    How much do you want for it?
    It'd really help my daughter ride her bike as she is put off by the drop bars.

    Can't persuade you to put it in a box with some balls or rolled up newspaper?
    I can arrange a courier pickup.
  • not required any more, I've bought new bits to do the job.