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650b for road riding?

So I have 2 sets of wheels for only bike (On-One Gravel Bike). One set is the Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 650b wheelset that that bike came with (1850g) and the other is a Fulcrum Racing 400DB (1690g) that I kept hold of from a previous bike.

Is there any downside that I am not seeing to just getting rid of the 700c wheels given they hardly get used and just sticking to the 650b?

The 47mm tyres seem to only drop the BB marginally and the wheels are very marginally smaller overall compared to 700x32c.

Speed on my rides seems about the same and I am not racing. Whenever I can be ars*d to switch to the 700c (which is rarely) I find that even with 32c tyres the drop in comfort is massive!

Got a few group rides coming up with a bunch of chaps I have never ridden with before so no doubt will get some funny looks but as long as I can keep pace can't see it being a issue.

Anyone else riding 650b for mostly road riding?


  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    FWIW my 650b tyres are Hutchinson Overide which are basically slick
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