GT GTR Sport review December 26th 2019

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Could i suggest that you consider the customer service record of companies, before reviewing their bikes. This may help prevent the situation my Daughter finds herself in from occurring to someone else.

My Daughter a newcomer to cycling purchased a beginner's road bike a GT GTR Sport, to use in London. She based her purchase decision on a favourable review on Bike Radar (dated December 26th 2019). While cycling in a cycle lane a car travelling in her direction of travel, turned left and into her front wheel. It was clearly the car drivers fault as witnessed by other pedestrians and road users.
Having recovered from her injuries she had the damage assessed and needs a new front fork (carbon) and wheel e.t.c. GT cycles are unable to supply a replacement fork period. They cannot give a date as to when they can supply a fork, certainly not in the next year.

So as it has some weirdly tapered fork she has been advised by GT authorised stockist that they cannot even fit a generic fork. So her Bike is effectively written off.

Any advise as to how to bring pressure on GT would be appreciated.

Thanks John


  • williamac
    williamac Posts: 71

    Maybe go back to the drivers insurance company and ask for a replacement bike or put onus on them to fix in an acceptable timeframe. Its their insured drivers fault your daughter is in this position - assuming of course that they are footing the bill

    Whilst is seems poor service I think all manufacturers/suppliers are struggling to meet demand at present from parts to whole bikes.