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Tacx account merge with Garmin account issues?

tonysjtonysj Posts: 391
Hi All,
Got a Tacx Flow and had emails stating to merge my Tacx and Garmin accounts,Garmin have acquired Tacx, so they are visible on Garmin.
I've tried to merge the 2 by the email links, not successful, but it's affected my Strava account in that I cannot record a session on Strava from my mobile for a run as it won't start the session/run after loading strava.
I'm now trying to delete my Tacx account but cannot get past the login as it's saying the email is already linked to another account likely to be my garmin
It's as though the attempt to merge the accounts is causing the issue.
Anyone else had this problem and resolved it?
I just want my strava to record on my mobile so happy to ditch the Tacx account.
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