Scott Foil RC

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Afternoon all,

below is my Foil which I absolutely love riding - new to me 2nd hand wheels now fitted, and really happy with them.

Fairly stock, save supacaz cages, silca tubes and speedshield thingies, and it's now running 53/36 instead of the stock 53/39.
Dura Ace 11-32 cassette swapped for Ultegra 11-28.
Oh and it came with 28mm tyres, forget the make, but sold those with the stock Zipp wheels, and have fitted 25mm GP4000 tyres - will change to GP5000 when these need replacing.

Yes I know it has all the spacers in the front, but my lower back is not what it once was - the bonus of this is that I can spend a long time in the drops and not suffer for it later - it could probably be chopped down by 5-10mm though.

It's so comfy, fast, and climbs outrageously well - it's bonkers really.
And yes I am clearly WAY overbiked :-)

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