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Headset Adjustment

Been adjusting headsets for many years - two years ago bought new bearings and all has been fine. Today - headset became loose, the rocking when applying the front brake and pushing fore and aft. (2012 Boardman Team Comp with fsa orbit c 40 headset). Problem is - when the headset top bolt is tighten so the rocking fore and aft just stops - and the two stem bolts are carefully tighten in turn - then the steering is very very stiff (almost dangerous although I went out this morning). When the top bolt is loosened such that the steering is 'a little on the tight side' the whole thing rocks with the front brake applied.
As said, this is not the first time I've this, so I'm fairly confident. At what point (am I there) do I have to replace everything?


  • quarkrad809quarkrad809 Posts: 23
    edited June 2021
    Doh - there is no upper compression ring!!!!!! - no wonder I was having trouble. Now my problem is securing one - can anybody confirm if the fsa H2048 is the right one to buy. Thanks and sorry for the error in no realising the missing ring first.
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