11-36 casette change

Hi, i have an issue with my gears slipping under load. I replaced the chain which has not resolved the issue. My local bike shop has checked and advised it needs a new rear casette, however they are unable to source one from their supplier.
I have been looking online and rang round my local bike stores and it appears they are quite hard to get hold of. The bike in question is a talon2 29er with a shimano 9 speed 11-36 casette.
I’m pretty new to cycling and not sure if there are any other options, plenty of 11-32 in stock locally. Would these be a direct swap? I rarely use the very lowest gear so could manage with a slightly taller lowest gear of that is what it would be? I’m running a 22/36 front chainring if that makes any difference which I find a bit low geared on flat ground.


  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    No issues fitting an 11-32 instead, would just need a quick b-screw adjustment and I suspect a small shortening of the chain.
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    ^but it may well be ok (if maybe not absolutely optimum) without tweaking at all. I never find much difference with b-screw, once the derailleur clears the cogs. Since your are reducing the big cog the derailleur will be clear
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    Thank you for the responses.
    I will go for a 32/34 tooth option. Is the 11-36 a rare size or something? Was not expecting it to be so difficult to find in store.
  • steve_sordy
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    No it's not rare, quite the opposite - it's popular, which is why it's sold out!
  • mully79
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    Wow, things are bad.
    Tredz have a 12-36 alivio in stock btw https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Shimano-CS-HG400-Alivio-9-speed-cassette_72777.htm#
    but the cheap sram 9 speed 11-32 you can pre-order for November !!!!