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Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersports, are they useless or am I unlucky?

After purchasing a set of Hunt Aero Wide 34s a couple of months ago I was after a new set of tubeless tyres to go with my new wheels. The LBS recommended the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport tubeless tyres.

At first I was very impressed. They are by far the easiest set of tyres to set up tubeless I've ever come across and I was ready to ride my new wheels in no time. However, in the space of a week I've had an unsealable puncture on each tyre. The holes look relatively small but no matter how much I span the wheel or put the hole at the bottom so the sealant would pool, they refuse to seal.

I tried using one of the tubeless worms in the first one but I just seemed to make the hole bigger and the problem worse. I've resorted to using tubes in the meantime whilst I work out a solution.

It's pretty frustrating that such an expensive product can fail so easily with the smallest of the holes. The hole on my front tyre is visible from the outside but impossible to locate inside it's so ridiculously small. I now have two useless tyres! Am I just unlucky or are the Goodyear's not up to scratch? Are there another set of tyres I should invest in instead?


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