New Wheels, Cassette and Spacers ..... basically I need some help! :)

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Cutting a long story short, I have been having a few spokes break recently on my rear wheel, so I thought maybe it is time to upgrade the wheels (and maybe add on a new cassette whilst at it). However having read loads on the internet i'm now more confused than when I started.

Firstly my current bike specs.

CASSETTE: Shimano HG-50 11-32 9-speed
REAR WHEEL: Maddux RS 3.0 32-hole rim, Cannondale C4 hub, Stainless Steel 15g spokes

What I was looking at replacing with.

Aksium 700

HG400 9 speed

Here are my questions:

Will the above replacements actually be suitable? Ie. will that HG400 be fine given that my current one is an HG50?

Will those wheels be fine with a 9 speed cassette? I have read loads about spacers being required etc? However I can't seem to find any online to purchase. Do the wheels come with the required spacers to make this work?

Is there going to be an issue that the existing one is a Cannondale C4 hub? Again I have not seen these for purchase anywhere online.

Finally, assuming the above is suitable. Are these wheels actually a decent budget set that are fairly tough and hard wearing? I am 89kg so not really at the limits of the permitted weights apparently.

Any help and support would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd be inclined to look for wheels with more spokes, especially for the load bearing rear wheel.

    I've not bought any wheels from them, some on the forum have, but MAY21WHEELS gets you 20% off wheels at Superstar today. would be £160 for the R380 rims, for example.

    To use 9-speed on an 11-speed freehub wheel, you will need at least one spacer that will probably come with the wheels, 1.8mm iirc.

    No probs regarding cassette switch, IIRC HG50 is simply one of their more premium models.
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    Thanks for the advise. Really helpful.