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Pedal question

If I want flat pedals with my five tens that doesn't use metal pins (that can hurt the shin) for general trail and sometimes road cycling, are there any good pedals for this? From my research, I see these two:

Race Face Ride: ... ide-pedals

Look Trail Grip: ... orm-pedals

Anyone with experience in these and if they are good upgrades to my current pedal (below)? Thanks

I currently uses this Wellgo pedal:


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    Does removing a stuck bike pedal seem impossible for you? Well, it can be a bummer to spend time dealing with bike pedals. But let me tell you that learning how to remove stuck bike pedals is quite easy. It is vital to maintain the overall well-being of your bicycle. Apply the penetrating oil to loosen specific parts of your bike, revolve the pedal counter-clockwise if you want to loosen bike pedal. The next step is to place the drive-side pedal in a 3 o’clock placement, push hard so you can loosen up the rod, tap the bottom of the wrench. Turn the spindle until you freed the pedal.
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