New MTB design - Thoughts?

Hey folks, I wasn't sure exactly where to put this, maybe it belongs in workshop and tech, maybe somewhere else, idk. In any case, I've been working on this enduro bike design for a while now, and after several iterations and changes since I posted it on MTBR and got feedback there, I decided to post it again here for more feedback. This is a 160mm rear travel mtb with a 180mm fork, inspired by EVIL's DELTA linkage. The primary differences are the location of the pivots, the swingarm link, and the rocker, as well as the location and orientation of the shock.

Here is the bike with it's stats in LinkageX3:

This may be one of the few linkage driven single pivots with a moving instant center where the CC is at the main pivot. I've managed to get the anti-squat to where it may have some pedal bob, but the suspension remains active on technical climbs. The chainstay is short, at 427.7mm no sag, and 430.8 with sag. BB height is relatively high, at 314.5mm at sag, with bb drop at 38.5mm below the axle at sag. Reach is 444.5mm, stack is 591.2mm. This bike uses a 190mm e2e rear shock with a 50mm stroke length. Wheelbase is 1215.9mm.