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SL7 Pro Sram vs. Rose X-Lite Six Disc Sram

Hello everyone,

I am right before purchasing a new road bike, but cannot decide which one to choose. I want something as good for climbs (with discs) as I can get. I have option to get Rose X-Lite Disc with Sram Force for 5400€ (+ 500€ power meter) or SL7 Pro with Sram 1x for 6400€ (with power meter included).

Rose is a little lighter 7,0kg + pedals, 1400g wheels and has normal crankset. Cost: about 5900€ with power meter.
SL7 Pro is havier, 7,4kg (I think) + pedals, 1540g wheels and only 1x Sram Force crankset. But has power meter and is only 500€ more expensive and is Specialized (better resale value). Cost: 6400€ with power meter.

Do you guys think, is Rose any faster on climbs, or are both about the same? I am looking purely on climbs. I think SL7 is probably faster on flats.
Can it be a problem with only 1x on SL7?
Is SL7 overall better bike?

Thanks for your answers :)


  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,468
    I'm quite surprised to see an SL7 with a 1x setup.
    I have 1x on my winter bike, but I have a regular 2x on my SL6. If it is only, ever used for climbing then it could be fine, but you'd need to look at the chains and cassette setup.

    Either way, I would not spend €6k on a bike by asking the opinion of random and anonymous people off the internet. I'd strongly suggest you go an look at the bikes, sit on them and ideally ride them.
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    The 1x SL7 is marketed as a crit bike where you don't need the little ring or a big cassette.

    Personally I'd got for the SL7, but I'm a spesh fan.
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,681
    The Rose is a great bike, I have the Sram Red version. The wheels are very good, and if you're someone who likes to change bits, it's a bit more standardised, it takes a 27.2mm seatpost and a normal stem, for example. The (arguable) downside of that is that it has exposed cables at the front and is probably a tiny bit less aero. You can also customise it quite a lot at time of purchase, so I was able to select my preference of stem length and bar width. It also rides really nicely. I haven't ridden an SL7 though, so can't compare like for like.

    On the 1x question, I have bikes with both. My winter bike is 1x using the same Force 1x 10-36 cassette as on the SL7, but with a 42t ring instead of the 46. I chose that because it gives me the gears I need for climbing, but is limited at the top end. For the winter bike, I don't care about the top end, but for the Rose, I want slightly higher gears, so I have it set up with a 48/35 chainset and 10-33 cassette. The 46t on the SL7 would be better at the top end, but wouldn't give the climbing gears I'd want, as there's some steep stuff around. There are rumours that a wider range (something like 10-44) cassette will be coming out for AXS, which would give more than enough range. If that comes out at Red level, I'll definitely be tempted to switch the Rose to 1x as well.
  • lochindaallochindaal Posts: 475
    I've just got the SL7 with the Rival Axs (so 2x). First time for me using these cassette ratio's and with the 12 speed you do get a very small gear for hill climbing.

    You could buy this bike, get a good pair of wheels and Assioma power pedals for the cost of either bike.
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