Shimano Deore one click only front mech

Guys MTB has been sat for years and currently having it serviced, a few years back i went from 3 front to 1 and im pretty sure when the dealer did it he mentioned something about Limiting front gear shifter so it only click once ??? Anybody know what i change for it to click 3 times as ive now swapped back to 3 at the their a Limiter on the front shifter ? or is it all limited at the mech end..

many thanks


  • steve_sordy
    steve_sordy Posts: 2,443
    I remember going from 3 to 2 on the front and all I had to do was to adjust one of the limit screws on the front mech. That took about 2mins and would have been easily reversible.

    On another bike the front mech had a tiny slider on the back of it to switch between 2x and 3x. (It was marked "2x" and "3x"). It came fitted on a 2x bike. When it came to changing the shifter inner wire, the switch had to be moved to the 3x position to be able to pull out the wire through the shifter.

    When you moved from 3x to 1x, I'm surprised that you didn't take the opportunity to remove the shifter, cable and front mech at the same time. I'm not sure why the dealer would make it so "it only clicked once", it should not have clicked at all! Clicking once would have been for a 2x.

    As you are returning to 3x on a bike and front mech that was 3x before, it should be simple. I would bet that the front mech just needs the limit screws adjusting.