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New chain - skipping badly on some cogs

andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,799
I know this is a frequently raised issue but I’d still appreciate some input from the wise.
8 speed mix and match shimano setup.
Rings replaced a few months ago, cassette and chain replaced last year - this change took a lot of faffing to get running across all sprockets cleanly.
I had a fall on the mech side a few months back that bashed the right shifter and the mech /hanger took a knock too. Hanger was subsequently replaced.
Been running ok since but started getting noisy and I discovered I’d been lax and the chain was worn past 1mm- damn, chain has only been on a matter of months and is regularly lubed but I installed a new SRAM chain last night.
Test ride yesterday illustrated significant skipping on a couple of the middlish sprockets but a lot of faffing with limit screws and tension looked like it was working ok.
Riding to work this morning however had the chain running ok on 2nd/3rd/4th largest and smallest but others it does not want to sit in chosen sprocket unless I apply gentle sideways pressure via the shifter.
Is this just the cassette/chain wear incompatibility or could existing rear mech/frame/hanger alignment be causing this?
For cassette wear, as sprockets 3 and 4 are well utilised by me I’d have thought they mesh the worst if anything.
I gave the shifter and cable a skoosh of GT85 last night to no avail.

Try a new cassette? New mech too (vintage Ultegra one from parts bin is installed at present)?
Getting frustrated now.
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