chainring optons for caad12

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im looking at swapping my 52/36 for a 50/34 but not sure what chainrings i need
its a bb30a cannondale si crankset with 5 bolt fsa rings.

The bottom bracket is silent at the min (I know these are prone to creaking)
I was thinking of swapping the whole bottom bracket and putting a 105 crank in. But the cheaper option would be just the chain rings.
Any advice welcome


  • pilot_pete
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    Just check the BCD (bolt circle diameter) of the crank spider (it will either be printed on the rings or just measure the radius from crank centre to bolt hole centre and double it, or across two bolt holes and use the table in this guide - and then any five bolt chainrings of the same BCD will fit.

    It does depend whether you have a 110BCD or not though - you can’t fit compact chainrings on a 130BCD crank spider as it’s impossible to make rings that small with bolt holes that far apart. I would suspect you have 110BCD though.

    If you want to stick with FSA, once you have the BCD you can just search their website (or any dealer’s) and look for the same model of chainring (you should be able to identify which model it is comparing pictures online to your current chainrings).

    You aren’t limited to FSA though, there will be many brands that will fit, some will look in keeping, others not (such as Shimano chainrings which are shaped to fit their specific crankarm shapes). Other brands to consider are Praxis, TA, Absolute Black, etc etc. Avoid Campagnolo though as they won’t fit.
  • pilot_pete
    pilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    Just re-read your initial post, I don’t think you will have 130BCD as you can’t fit a 36T inner to a 130BCD. Almost definitely 110BCD....