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Tyre Seating Tool

Bought one of these as my tyres were really tight to get on rims, having to use levers to get them on. Thought I would give it a try!
They actually work really well, I would recommend them, not expensive and handy to have. Other suppliers are available :D


  • ed1973ed1973 Posts: 284
    I can agree with what’s said about this tool. I had a pair of conti 5000’s that wouldn’t go on, not even with normal levers, I pitched and ruined 2 tubes trying. So have up and got one of these and it worked like a charm. I did worry however about using the opposite rim as the leverage point. I would be interested in seeing others views on the dangers of this.
  • schlepcyclingschlepcycling Posts: 1,614
    Can it be used with tubeless tyres?.
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  • Can it be used with tubeless tyres?.

  • I don't see why not as all it is doing is pulling the bead over.
    Actually wished I had out in my pocket for my ride today, new bike and puncture, really hard getting tyres on and off to replace the tube!
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