Not-so-ghetto cheap Airshot for tubeless

mini_basser Posts: 12
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This isn't a new idea, but just thought I'd post to say how easy it was to achieve in case anyone was considering it.

Cost me a total of £15 in parts and no more than about 30 mins of my time. I'm tight, so didn't fancy spending £50 on an Airshot.

Couldn't find anyone getting rid of an empty extinguisher locally, so messaged a place on FB market place who shipped me an empty 2kg CO2 for £12.

The tubing I found in the shed, but I believe it's 6mm ID 12mm OD rubber fuel line. Should be able to get similar for £3 or so with jubilee clips.

Found an old pen to use as a flare for the hosing. Remove the conical tip, cut the end off with a hacksaw to open it out a bit for more air flow, feed the hose through the original nut (that held the CO2 horn on) and ram the pen tip into the hose. Tighten down on the extinguisher outlet.

For the inlet, unscrew the original pressure release valve and drill it out to 6mm (I'm lucky as I recently purchased a pillar drill). Trim an old valve to feed through it. I also had to shorten the brass fitting due to the rubber of the old valve not allowing it to thread in properly.

Finished product. It's a bit of a workout pumping it to 100psi, but nothing leaks.

Just need to paint over the red now. And figure out where my tyres are still leaking from!