XL frames, Di2 groupset, power meter, seatpost, car rack, turbo

I've done a fairly major re-jig of my fleet, and also a bit of a clearance of the outhouse. More pics of all items can be found in this onedrive folder: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApiYotHlY7FtgtMxg9MliJu4o1kmvw?e=pzqbZk

Dedacciai (sp?) Gladiatore frameset - XL: £500 collected from Bolton area. Very good condition, but a couple of dropped chains have marked the lacquer around the BB; I've ridden it for thousands of km like this with no ill effect, and it's obscured by the chainset in use, but worth mentioning. Included in the sale is... frame, forks, headset, derailleur hangers, seatpost collar.
31.8mm seatpost, English threaded bb, band on front mech hanger (included).
Optional extras pictured with the frame: FSA SL-K seatpost (31.8mm): £45, Deda Zero stem - 130mm - £15

2016 Giant Propel Advanced 0 frameset - XL - £550 collected from Bolton area.
Very good condition, just a couple of marks on the chainstays. This will be supplied with frame, fork, headset, seatpost, Pro stem (110mm I believe). The pictured brake caliper will be supplied, but the front one has seized. Therefore, the frame will also come with a brand new Fouriers caliper: the one all the pro teams were using in preference to the Giant one a few years ago. The frame will come with plugs for installing an electronic groupset - you'd need to buy a different thingummy if you want to use mechanical (or make one with Sugru?). Also, the frame will come with the Praxis Works 30 bb installed (bb86) - this is because I don't own the tool to remove it :#

On that topic... Praxis Works Zayante/4iiii one-sided power meter chainset - 175mm, 110bcd. This can be supplied with the pictured 52/36 rings. Obviously, it's compatible with the Giant frame. If you wish to buy the Deda frame with the chainset, I'll supply a (used) bb for that too.
Chainset with rings - £350
Chainset without rings - £325
Rings only - £45

Plus postage at cost for each

Shimano 6870 Ultegra Di2 gearset - £430 Consists of:-
- Shifters: a bit scuffed, you may want to put new hoods on, though they're still perfectly useable.
- Short cage rear mech.
- Front mech needed to be replaced recently, so is more or less new.
- All cables and junction boxes ( the front junction box is a 5 port jobby).
- Battery is the DN-110 one, so programmable. I never really got on with Di2, so the battery has only ever been through 2 cycles.
All in good working order.

And now for the bits dug out of the back of the outhouse - will come with complementary cobwebs:

Evans basic bike rack - £40 collected
This is supposedly for 3 bikes, but I can only lay my hands on the straps for two. It's a fairly basic rack, but it always worked fine for us. Only problem is that it's not compatible with the new car.

Elite turbo trainer - £40 collected
Again, this is a base model jobbie, but does the trick. No great adjustability, and no hope of getting it talking to Zwift