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SRAM Rival Brakes - Bleeding & Compatibility Queries

4xsama4xsama Posts: 26
Hi All,

This all started when I bought some really poor quality organic SRAM Rival compatible pads about 1 month ago.

Last weekend I thought I'd have a go at fixing the dragging piston on my my SRAM Rival brakes (front). I tried recentering the calliper and checked it wasn't sticking by pulling the lever/pushing out the piston and then (using a tyre lever) pushing the piston back in.

This didn't fix the issue so I loosened off the reservoir screw plug to see if there was a build up of pressure. A bit of DOT fluid came out so I cleaned up with a bit isopropyl alcohol and tried the brakes. The lever puller right back into the bars and there was zero pressure on the disc (so no front brake now!). I'm guessing this was a rookie error.

Anyhoo - I took the bike to the LBS to get the front brakes bled. The mechanic did this 3 times with a bit of success. New (SRAM Rival) disk pads and the brakes are 60% working (they still work but the lever needs to be pulled way in). After a bit of wear on the front pads and they will start to hit the bars again.

1. Could there be something more involved in fixing the brakes that a bleeding won't fix?
2. Is it a matter of keeping on with bleeding the brakes until the problem goes away?
3. Will a Rockshox dropper post bleed kit (2 syringes) work on SRAM Rival?
4. Anyone know the thickness of the nylon inserts that go into the calipers when bleeding the brakes?
5. Anyone know if SRAM use DOT 3 or 4 fluid?
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