WTD Wahoo elemnt bolt

After the Very strange disappearance of my new Garmin and some post frustration reflection (and research), I’m now after the very elusive elemnt bolt.. Apparently they do actually exist by all accounts, thus I’m prepared to emulate most of the action scenes from ‘raiders of the lost ark’ In my quest to get my hands on one..
anyone in possession of one of these rare gems and wishing to part with it, then let it be known, I’d happily Labour over a hot stove or break rocks in the sun to pay for such a device...

(A frustrated to the point of sarcasm) Will


  • hpaul
    hpaul Posts: 112
    Hi, check causeway cycles out on Facebook. 175 said he's a few left, I was asking about something cheap for the wife. I have a bolt of my own to, after something cheap for her.
  • mr_mojo
    mr_mojo Posts: 200
    You might want to wait. Apparently there’s a new Bolt coming out soon.