Bike computer advice, sync with Strava

I bought this bike computer from Decathlon and have used it twice now, while at the same time recording my ride with Strava on my iPhone (in case the computer didn't work).

The Decathlon connect app is synced to my Strava account but although it records my rides on the app, it won't upload to Strava.

I can't find any tech advice on this and my question is, when using a bike computer should I use that alone? Could it be cos I used my iPhone the Decathlon app sees it's already recorded and doesn't upload?

I'm on the verge of taking it back for a refund but wondering is this common with GPS bike computers, that you use the computer and let it sync to Strava after OR Strava on your phone but not both?


  • Dorset_Boy
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    Possibility that Strava is seeing the Decathlon file as a duplicate of the existing ride you recorded on the Strava app on your phone.
  • Are you using the Strava app?

    Log out of both the Decathlon and Strava apps. Log back in and see if the activities upload. If not try manually uploading from the Decathlon app at this point.

    If you still have no joy, re-sync between Decathlon and Strava.

    I have had problems syncing between Wahoo and Strava on a few occasions, one of the above tricks usually helps.

    If not, you are at the mercy of raising a support desk ticket with Strava. I have found the help offered to be mixed at best.

    Good luck.
  • darrent71
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    Yes using the Strava app on my iPhone. When I first synced the Decathlon app with my iPhone and Strava is picked up two rides I did before I bought the computer which was odd.
  • darrent71
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    Problem solved. If I only record with the bike computer, it syncs to the Decathlon app and uploads to Strava. If I record with Strava on my iPhone, the phone recording session is uploaded to Strava, nothing from the bike computer though the Decathlon app records it after syncing.

    My final experiment was to repeat that second method again but this time delete the iPhone Strava recording. Then I synced my bike computer with the Decathlon app and hey presto it uploaded to Strava the ride which I recorded with my phone and just deleted.

    Thought this might be useful for others as I'm sure this isn't unique behaviour with GPS bike computers.