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Wall mount for my commuter e-bike

Dear all,

I recently switched from a regular bike to an e-bike (Giant DailyTour E+ 2). Although I am really enjoying riding my new e-bike, I am running into another problem: my old bike suspension system It can ''only'' carry 44 pounds and my new e-bike is a lot heavier than that.
Anyone have suggestions (preferably from their own experience)? Parking the bike outside/shed/garden is not an option for me.


  • nibnob21nibnob21 Posts: 207
    I use the 3-piece type ones for all my bikes, where you have a plate for each wheel to sit on and another plate for the pedal to hook on. Like this (not my bike):

    I would be amazed if these couldn't handle an e-bike, though it would depend on how well secured the plates are to the wall!
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