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Bottom bracket help

2poc2poc Posts: 99
I’ve got a single speed frame with a square taper, 68mm x 103mm bottom bracket. I’d like to swap it out for a shimano BSA bb. Is this possible? Will it screw the chain line up? If it’s not possible I’ll need to stick with the old bb and square taper crank :-(

For reference this is the frame set


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    Im guessing you mean Shimano HT2 bottom brackets (which screws into a frame with a BSA thread.) sure you can change it and sure it might mess your chain line up. it depends where the chain ring in your new crank would be in relation to the one on the crank you're replacing. (assuming the current chain line is optimal of course)

    FWIW if it were mine i would keep it as it is, it wont make one iota of difference to its performance but will empty your pocket. which is fun sometimes too.

  • 2poc2poc Posts: 99
    Thanks David if it’s wasn’t for fancy pants crankset I’ve got hanging around I’d 💯 agree with you 👍
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