Which rim should I choose ?

I recently noticed some strange cracks around 3 - 4 spokes on the rear wheel of my Cannondale Trail 2 2018. The rim is a WTB STX i23 (inner width 23mm). Obliviously I want to replace it (spokes too), and I've narrowed down my options to 3 rims. My tire is 2.4" Conti Trail King, with tube. I mostly do XC, with quite some climbing, but I also enjoy riding local trails with occasional small drops and unfriendly roots. Hub is DT Swiss 350 148mm. These are my options:

Nukeproof Neutron V2 - 500g,  width 28mm,  50€ / 60$
DT Swiss XM421 - 465g,  width 25mm,  68€ / 82$
DT Swiss XR391 -  440g, width 25mm,  68€ / 82$

​​​​​​​Which one should I go with?


  • Are you getting the wheel built for you? If so ask the wheel builder, they may have a preference.
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    It depends upon what motivates you. If you are a speed and lightness fiend than go for the XR391. If you want a better ride and generally more robustness, then go for the V2. The extra rim width will give your 2.4" (61mm) tyres a better profile.
    See this handy guide for what rim width for your tyres, skip the first chart and go to the ones for MTB.

    I personally would choose the Neutron V2. The Conti TK is a very good tyre (I love them), but the 2.4" is heavy. I would definitely consider going tubeless. Not only will you lose a lot more weight than you gained with the wider rim, but your ride and grip will improve. Going tubeless is a bit harder than an expert makes it look, but a lot easier than a beginner makes it look! :)
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    Steve, thanks for the advice.
    If I buy the XM421/XR391 do I have to use use the Squorx nipples and PHR washers? Can't I use classic nipples with no washers? Or are they supplied with the rim?
  • steve_sordy
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    @cpper I have no idea, sorry. I've never built a wheel.