Can Anyone Identify The Forks

Hi I recently bought a specialized fsr xc comp 2010 I think and the forks that are on it have different stickers than what I can find online, I would just like to know what model of forks they are I was wondering if anyone can identify them for me, cheers


  • thistle_
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    You can get some info from the serial number on the back of the crown, might only be the model year though. You could always try your chances with RockShox support to see if they can look up the serial for you.
  • whyamihere
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    It is a Rockshox fork, though obviously with different stickers on it. Difficult to tell if it is a Revelation or something else, but I would probably assume it is. A quick Google suggests that the bike may have originally come with a Rockshox Tora, the fork you have doesn't look like one of those because you appear to have anodised aluminium stanchions, whereas the Tora had chromed steel. Is there a serial number? I think they're generally somewhere on the crown for Rockshox forks.
  • JBA
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    If there is a serial number on the rear of the fork crown you can put it in to the RockShox TRAIL HEAD site. This will give you details of the fork.
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  • cheers guys I will check the crown when I get home I dont remember seeing one when I had a look earlier, thanks again
  • just looked at a photo I took the other day there is a code on the crown, although I can't make it out on the photo I will be able to in person cheers guys you helped alot
  • so this is the serial, but still doesn't come up with anything on the rockshox trail head site

  • steve_sordy
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    Email Rockshox
  • mully79
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    The 0 after the T is model year 2010.
    I think they are actually Revelations as they were available with 9mm qr but the damper has been taken from a Rockshox Argyle RCT of similar vintage.
  • They look to be exactly that, 2010 revelations with custom stickers.
  • gingerroad
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    Revelation Race I believe.