Guinness or RRA? *Record, not Ale

I'm toying with the idea of designing a place to place timed cycling challenge, specifically Bristol to Bangor, about 300 km, a Welsh End to End retracing much of a famous Audax route. Probably 10 hours for a top club rider and more like 9 hours for a serious contender.
Normally place to place records are kept under the RRA umbrella, but of course the Guinness Book of records is a quicker and cheaper route to get these things ratified for the punters. As far as I am aware, Guinness only want a GPX file and a few photos, whereas with RRA you need to pay for the expenses of an official timekeeper and observer along the route (that assuming RRA was interested in the project).

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    Bristol isn't in Wales.
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    womack said:

    Bristol isn't in Wales.

    Thanks for the useful contribution... you probably realise yourself that there are numerous good reasons to start from Bristol rather than Chepstow

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