Looks like Wiggle have jumped the gun with their ads just now. A vid is up on facebook and they've listed the first bits on their web.

It's either about to be announced today or the Wiggle web/social media staff have pressed 'enter' by mistake.


  • whyamihere
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    I've been waiting for this, combined with a GX AXS rear mech my monstercross bike will be going electric. The prices for the levers look enticing assuming they're accurate when it actually goes on sale.
  • redvee
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    edited April 2021
    I've got email alerts set up for the whole groupo, they are expecting stock mid May. Not too keen on the looks on the chainset but going to have to use it so it'll have to grow on me.
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  • super_davo
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    Given the disc brake only, standalone cost, and the fact you'll need at least a new freehub for it, to me it makes far more sense as part of a new bike (days of 50% off RRP groupsets are long gone).

    Can see it absolutely cannibalising sales of mechanical Ultegra bike sales in the same way Ultegra DI2 has mechanical Dura Ace. And probably forcing Shimano to create 105 DI2 in the process.

    But the weight means it's not likely to be the "racer on a budget" option Ultegra was / is.

    I can definitely see mechanical going the way of rim brakes and getting squeezed out even though for many applications it will be much better.
  • forcing Shimano to create 105 DI2 in the process.


    Watch this space!