Good time to sell?

So been holding out putting 2 bikes up for sale - Did not see any point listing whilst we were in lockdown as 'collecting a bike' is not exactly essential travel but with restrictions now easing and Spring weather coming in I am thinking now maybe a good time.

Especially given the shortage of new bikes.

If you had 2 bikes would you be listing now or waiting til summer? Obviously I want to maximise return.

For ref the bikes in question are:

* Trek Emonda SL5 Disc 2020 - Emarld Iris green (Flips from green to purple)
* Merlin Malt G gravel bike - Mk1

Both are medium so I think I will get a good audience.



  • joe_totale-2
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    edited April 2021
    I'd go for it and list now. I sold a bike a couple of months ago for the same amount I bought it for and that had been after 3 more years of use.

    I don't think the market will be any hotter then it is now. Basically nothing is in stock right now.
  • singleton
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    I agree, it's a great time to sell.

    But it's not a great time to buy - so if you are selling to buy something else then it might all balance itself out.
  • mr_eddy
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    Thanks will get them posted then, not buying anything else so should get good money