Converting to Di2

Hi all,

I have a Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2020 model with Ultegra Di2, disc brakes and dual sided power meter in the cranks.

I'm hoping to get my hands on a Cervelo S Series 2020 but this will only have mechanical Ultegra and disc brakes.

I want to basically swap the complete group sets over and move the Di2 and Power meter to the Cervelo, and the mechanical onto the Giant. The Giant has a proprietry aero cockpit but they do a mechanical version so assume that would be ok?

Is it possible and if so how complicated would it be?

There is not much info on the Cervelo but the Di2 battery has to go in at the BB, where as on the Giant it's in the seat post.

Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks


  • lincolndave
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    edited April 2021
    I used this when I changed from ultegra to di2, I know it’s for rim brake, but the routing will be the same, I think you want page 18/19
  • wayneabs
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    Brilliant thank you. Did you do it yourself or get a bike shop to do it?
  • lincolndave
    lincolndave Posts: 9,441
    I did it myself, it’s easy, especially with all the online videos
  • lesfirth
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    A guy needs some info. Comes on the forum. Gets sound advise. Job sorted.
    What a breath of fresh air.
    This could have gone on " things that make you smile".