Aluminium post and carbon frame

So my seat post keep slipping and it is has been cleaned, the clamp has been cleaned and all the little bolts cleaned. When putting my aluminium seat post back into the carbon frame should I use standard grease or carbon grease. Apologies if this has been asked before.


  • steve_sordy
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    By "carbon grease", I am assuming that you mean something that is a high friction assembly paste and not just a normal feeling grease that doesn't attack carbon fibre components.

    Something like Finish Line's "Fiber Grip"

    This stuff has large collapsible particles in it and feels quite lumpy. What it does is to increase the friction between the clamped surfaces so that you don't need to clamp quite so hard to stop them slipping. This is especially useful for carbon fibre components that are not so good at resisting crushing forces (bars, stems, seat posts, droppers).

    It is also useful even in an alloy frame when mounting a dropper seat post. Most droppers have closely toleranced components that don't like being squeezed and they wear out quickly as a consequence. Using an assembly paste like Fiber Grip can help with that.

    PS: In case you believe that the Fiber Grip is expensive, I bought the smallest tube years ago and I still have it half full. Very cheap compared to a new dropper!
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    carbon paste. slap it on. its about £7 for a mega phukton at CRC or similar.

    never go in dry.
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  • I have carbon paste already by Finish line for my carbon road bike, so will use that. Thanks for ypur advice and clearing that up for me.