PTP 2021 - Ronde Van Vlaanderen - Sunday

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A bit late. You know the drill, I will add details this evening


I would advise against picking MVDP or Kwiatkowski as you've all seen this week how I struggle with a Poll
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  • Pross
    Pross Posts: 39,893
    I'll take first dibs at MvdP then please Rich
  • singleton
    singleton Posts: 2,470
    Mathieu van der Poel also pls.
  • joe_totale-2
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    I'll have Wout Van Aert please
  • MVDP, with crushing inevitability
  • ridgerider
    ridgerider Posts: 2,851
    Van Aert please
    Half man, Half bike
  • Dorset_Boy
    Dorset_Boy Posts: 6,747
    Matthieu to double up please.
  • tetley10
    tetley10 Posts: 693
    Is anyone allowed to play?
    Ill have Sagan if so.
  • RichN95.
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    tetley10 said:

    Is anyone allowed to play?

    Of course. When the Tour comes around you will be eligible for the White Jersey with less than 1000 posts
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  • DeadCalm
    DeadCalm Posts: 4,099
    MVDP please
    Team My Man 2022:

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  • ocdupalais
    ocdupalais Posts: 4,206
    Anthony Turgis
  • Pross
    Pross Posts: 39,893

    Anthony Turgis

    Ooh good outside shout, he's been impressive this season.
  • RichN95.
    RichN95. Posts: 27,129
    Out on a limb for Peter Sagan

    (I promised myself I wouldn't do this. Be like Rozzer I said)
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  • FCE2007
    FCE2007 Posts: 925
    Kasper Asgreen please.

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  • dish_dash
    dish_dash Posts: 5,537
  • TheBigBean
    TheBigBean Posts: 20,306
    Wout Van Aert please
  • gsk82
    gsk82 Posts: 3,419
    Michael Valgren please
    "Unfortunately these days a lot of people don’t understand the real quality of a bike" Ernesto Colnago
  • rozzer32
    rozzer32 Posts: 3,805
    He came good last time so I’ll stick with him, I’ll regret it tomorrow.

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  • bobmcstuff
    bobmcstuff Posts: 11,193
    WVA on the basis of INRNG, previews, and bookies odds. I'm not totally convinced though!

    Looking forward to this...
  • m.r.m.
    m.r.m. Posts: 3,296
    PTP Champion 2019, 2022 & 2023
  • orraloon
    orraloon Posts: 12,536
    DQS numbers game or....? 🤔

    Wout van Aert pls
  • red.rider
    red.rider Posts: 1,034
    Wout VAN AERT, please
  • WVA
    "A cyclist has nothing to lose but his chain"

    PTP Runner Up 2015
  • ducknumber1
    ducknumber1 Posts: 1,155
    Wout van Aert please, thanks.
  • archieboy
    archieboy Posts: 1,276

  • gregster04
    gregster04 Posts: 1,655
    Julian ALAPHILIPPE please
  • niknak1
    niknak1 Posts: 528
    Wout van Aert

  • Dialatron
    Dialatron Posts: 1,101
    Jasper Stuyven please
    Old, fat and that's just the bike.
  • twotoebenny
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  • RichN95.
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    50 FCE2007

    40 Dorset_Boy
    40 DeadCalm
    40 Pross
    40 singleton
    40 takethehighroad
    40 toetwobenny

    30 Dialatron

    20 archieboy
    20 bobmcstuff
    20 dish_dash
    20 ducknumber1
    20 joe_totale-2
    20 m.r.m.
    20 niknak1
    20 orraloon
    20 red.rider
    20 ridgerider
    20 rozzer32
    20 shockedsoshocked
    20 TheBigBean

    10 ocdupalais

    0 tetley10
    0 RichN95
    0 gsk82
    0 gregster04
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  • FCE2007
    FCE2007 Posts: 925
    FCE2007 said:

    Kasper Asgreen please.


    I believe you missed my post 😉
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