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Top English Language Commentator - Semi Finals

RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 27,090
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I'll do the options properly
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Top English Language Commentator - Semi Finals 15 votes

Rob Hatch & Ned Boulting
40% 6 votes
Rob Hatch & Declan Quigley
6% 1 vote
Dan Lloyd & Ned Boulting
33% 5 votes
Dan Lloyd & Declan Quigley
20% 3 votes


  • kingstongrahamkingstongraham Posts: 25,481
    Think I've spotted a slight flaw in the options.
  • TheBigBeanTheBigBean Posts: 19,423
    I'm guessing you are not a fan of first past the post voting?
  • pblakeneypblakeney Posts: 24,043
    edited March 2021
    No chance of Ned and Declan? A cynical person could call fix. 😉
    The final cannot be between 2 people who face each other in the semis.
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
    Veronese68 wrote:
    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,642
    Hatch and Lloyd for the final surely.
    [Castle Donington Ladies FC - going up in '22]
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,095
    Hang on which thread is which now..?
    ddraver said:

    I still don't think he should be in the final but Dan deserves an awful lot of credit for exploding onto the scene with such high numbers.

    " I fink e's too inexperienced this time round, Gary, but his chance is in def'natly in 4 years when we meet again in Qatar" (or whichever Gulf State can afford modern Sporting tournaments now)

    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 27,090
    ddraver said:

    Hang on which thread is which now..?

    This one is void. None of the votes on the thread will count
    Twitter: @RichN95
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