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New brake rotor weird wearing

kemicskemics Posts: 4

I just replaced the disc rotor on my TRP hy/rd brakes (on a whyte suffolk)

Maybe first mistake was not replacing pads at the same time?

Taken the bike out to bed in the pads, good stopping power but maybe a bit squeaky under very heavy breaking. Got back and noticed seems the contact surfaces dont seem to be lined up as there's a 2mm rim of un-used rotor?

From memory of the last time i changed the pads is they kind of clunk into place and there isnt a huge amount of adjustment. Looking at the old rotor (identical part) and doesnt have the same wear problem... is this something i can adjust... any ideas on what i might have done wrong?

Any advice much appreciated!


  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    edited April 2021
    Looks like the caliper is incorrectly positioned causing the pads to contact the wrong part of the rotor. Or possibly the wrong pads somehow fitted but having the same effect.

    And finally, as you said you had replaced the rotor, is it the same size? It could be just the wrong rotor size fitted, but if you didn’t remove the caliper I’d be surprised if you could get the wheel in with a rotor that was bigger. Place the old rotor over the new with the wheel off the bike. Are the brake track areas the same?
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