GPS Watch for running and cycling

I’ve been using a TomTom Runner 2 for both running and cycling over the past few years. It’s essentially a running device (as it’s designed to be worn on the wrist) with wrist hr sensor. This watch’s battery is dying so I got a replacement s/h one to allow me to continue using this model and it also came with a bike mount so that plus hr strap expands it’s usability. TomTom no longer make wearable devices so at some point I will need to replace it and I wonder what’s out there assuming I continue with a watch that allows me to use a single device for my 2 activities.
Wrist HRM as it’s accurate enough and removes the hassle of chest straps that don’t particularly get on with.
Connects to Bluetooth sensors for speed/cadence for turbo bike usage.
Maybe can be mounted on bike - obv that means a chest strap to retain hr info.
Ideally available for under £150 (if necessary).
I may get a smart turbo as we head into next winter so that may preclude a need for this device to communicate with the Bluetooth sensors but for now that’s a possible not a definite.


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    I don't know which model in detail, but I used to have a Garmin triathlon watch and I know they have continued to develop these, but they will almost certainly be over budget if looking at new devices.
    Other manufacturers might also make equivalents.
  • I have a basic Garmin Forerunner, does all that you want , I think, i.e GPs for rides and runs, broadcasts HR (in ANT+) for smart trainers and the battery seems to last well. It is also a reasonable size, some of the watches seem huge!
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    I used to use a Garmin Forerunner 310, which wasn't overly large apart from its depth, I thought it was a pretty good unit.
    I now have a dedicated Giant Neostrack computer for the bike, and I'd be lying if I said having it on your wrist was as convenient as on the stem in front of you, I wouldn't go back to trying to use a watch on my wrist when riding.
    I also have a Polar Ignite watch which does most things. Ironically it is meant to help you train, which was the main reason I bought it, but I haven't really used those functions! :/
    Garmin Polar and Suunto make most of the wrist devices, but most of them are pretty expensive. You could look at the bargain smart watches, I had an Amazfit for a while, which was great value, did lots of things...but didn't last more than 18 months.
    I think your list of requirements might mean you need to spend a lot, maybe over £400, but there are plenty of choices it's just a case of finding the most suitable. DC Rainmaker reviews are very thorough if you need a start point.
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    I've got a Vivoactive.
    It won't talk to my power meter via Bluetooth or ANT+ which is a big annoyance for me.
    It will broadcast heart rate to another device (phone, laptop, zwift, head unit etc.) but nothing else - although that's not a problem.
    Apart from that it's fine for me.
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    I've have the Forerunner 35, which you can get for about £100 nowadays. It's a bit dated now and quite basic, but does everything you need i think.

    I think its been replaced by the 45 now, which i think you can get for about £115 on amazon and looks nicer, has a colour screen etc.
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    Thanks for the inputs- from the brief look so far I've seen a number of watches that do everything barring the Bluetooth communication with the bike sensors which I do want.
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    DCRainmaker really rates the coros apex 2. Looks really good value tbh.
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    Are your sensors and turbo bluetooth only or Ant+?

    The 35 i posted deffo has bluetooth, as that's how it connects to my phone.
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    I bought a cheap Magene brand speed/cadence sensor from Aliexpress a wee while ago which works ok but seems to drop out occasionally. The replacement watch I just bought came with a TomTom bluetooth sensor for speed and cadence which the previous owner said worked better than the Decathlon ones he previously bought.

    My searches seem to find people indicating that the 35/45 does/not pair via bluetooth / ANT+,