Infant in trailer

We have a ~3-month-old and as we don't have a car we purchased a Croozer bike trailer instead. We looked up the various options and this one said it was suitable for babies as young as 4 weeks. We have been using it for the ~10-15 minute journey to my parents once a week and she mostly cries, if not for the whole journey then at least for large portions of it.

It's mostly a smooth bike path but there inevitably some curbs and bumps but very minimal compared to the state of most roads at the moment. My 'working theory' is that she cries due not having anyone around. She has even fallen asleep in it while it's stationary so she can't be that uncomfortable in it. Though it might still be that some of the vibrations and movement are unsettling her too.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? tips? I don't want to regularly put my daughter through some dislikes so much, but then I also don't want to not be able to go anywhere (and I definitely don't want to buy a car).


  • Babies don't normally mind a bit of bumping around and can often sleep through all sorts, it might be she just needs to get used to the ride, so it becomes a routine.
    10 to 15 minutes is maybe not long enough to get used to it!