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Newbie questions !

Hi all I’ve taken the plunge and bought a road bike as my running days are kinda past me ( dodgy Army knees ) so il prob have loadsa daft questions first one is what pedals are recommended this clip less pedal thing is kinda confusing me ! Also what shoes looking at under 100 for each ! Thanks in advance


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    Hi Studlygf and welcome.

    Articles like these will help with general awareness of the pros and cons:

    I use both SPD and SPD-SL for different rides, SPD cleats attach to the shoes with 2 bolts and SPD-SL fix with 3 bolts so you need to buy the right shoes for the right cleats for the right pedals. Generally more road / race shoes have 3 bolts for SPD-SL (or the Look cleats) as these are more road oriented pedals.

    The benefit of SPD are that you can get shoes where the cleats are recessed so it's easier to walk on them, which maybe an advantage for off road, touring or commuting but for general rides this isn't an issue for me. Most people I know use either these or Look pedals/cleats which also need 3 holes in the shoe.

    The other option you might want to consider is speedplay pedals - you might find these to be gentler on your knees although probably not on your wallet.

    Whatever you choose, you need to get the cleats to match the pedals, and get a shoe that is compatible with the cleat fixing - basicallyy 2 or 3 bolt.

    You really ought to try shoes on as they are different shapes - e.g. I find that Shimano shoes fit me really well.
  • SPD pedals are simple and more with almost any cycling shoe, probably a good start if wanting to use cleats.
    A good thing to get used to first are half toe clips which will keep your foot in position and then decide at some point whether you want cleared pedals.
    As to shoes, whatever is comfortable , I have a pair of cheapo Aldi ones I have used for years and my new ones were in a sale at Decathlon.
  • studlygfstudlygf Posts: 12
    Thanks lads il have a look at the links cheers 👍💪
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    You don't have to use clipless pedals if you don't want to. There is nothing wrong with using flat pedals if that is your preference.
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    Can't go wrong with these IMO as a first set of clipless pedals. Cheap, simple, low maintenance and virtually indestructible.

    I personally also like Shimano shoes too but depends what fits your feet the best. You'll need 2 bolt shoes to go with those pedals.
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    Try to get your shoes from a shop rather than online. Nothing worse than getting an hour into a ride and having sore feet knowing it's too late to return the shoes.

    Go to the shop with the socks you intend to wear and try on shoes until you find a pair which fit then walk around the shop for 30 mins.
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    Decathlon are great for cheap shoes. I got my first pair there and they were functionally great - I even ended up doing 1000km in 5 days in the Pyrenees in them.

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