Campy bora wto 45 disc - tyre choice


I’ve just bought a new set of campy bora wto 45 disc brake. I have a Pinarello Prince 2021 disc Ultegra Di2 with standard fulcrum racing wheels, so I hope the new set will definitely help :)

I have some doubts on which tyres to put on... I’m opting for a tubeless setup with continental gp 5000.

Key question is on width: 25mm or 28mm.

28mm should provide more comfort (I ride in and around London, flat and hills), but would lose the aero benefits of the rim depth because the tyre width would end up being larger than the rim width (external 26.5 / internal 19).

On the other hand, 25mm should be better from an aero perspective but provide less comfort.

What do people think of this? What setup do you have? Do the WTO 45 work well with tubeless setups, or better to go with clinchers?

Did anyone experience setup issues with the conti gp 5000 TL? Which sealant would you recommend?

Thanks so much for your comments!


  • joe_totale-2
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    To me it would seem a shame to buy expensive aero wheels that have been extensively wind tunnel tested and then put wide tyres on them and reduce any aero benefits. In that case I'd go with 25mm ones.

    If they were shallow wheels I'd probably say to go as wide as possible to enjoy the comfort benefits.

    I've fitted GP5000 TL's onto other carbon wheels and they've been a nightmare. I used Orange Seal which is great and the best sealant I've used.
  • bobones
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    Tubeless 25 mm at 60-80 psi will be comfy enough. I run my WTO 60s with 23 mm Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR @ 80 psi and lack of comfort has never crossed my mind. In fact, the feeling of speed and smoothness is second to none. I find 23 mm sit on the rims perfectly flush with the brake track so I suspect 25s will be ever so slightly too wide for optimum aero profile and 28s will have a massive light bulb profile.

    I sent back a pair of GP5000s as I couldn't get them on any of my rims so I am very wary of them. I would like to try them for size again, but wouldn't use them if they are too hard to get on/off to fit a tube at the roadside.

    For something relatively cheap and easy to install with decent grip, durability and comfort, I find Hutchinson Fusion 5 11 Storm Performance hard to beat.

    I also use Orange Seal (not endurance) which works really well most of the time. I am going to give Muc-Off sealant at try because the reviews are decent; however, none of the other sealants I've tried before now are a patch on Orange Seal.

    For non-sealing punctures I find Dynaplugs are easier to use and more reliable than standard tubeless worms/strings.

  • I thought WTO's were optimised for 25's and 28's. I am using 28's at 60psi, smooth as butter.

    Just upgraded from Di2 to Record 12 speed disc as well, now that is a real step-up in quality.
  • 25mm on front for leading edge aero benefit, 28mm on rear for comfort if you want/need it.
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