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Tire Choosing - best size for Commuting ,Gravel/Mtb,Road

Hello everyone :)

I am kinda a new cyclist , commuting properly for the last year , when i moved to London.
Lately i was trying to figure out my next tire for commuting which i also want to be my weekend fast tire , my gravel/mtb tire and my .... do it all tire ! :D
I am doing average about 11 ml or 18 km a day , so its not a lot , but there are days that my legs are heavy ,my back is hurting and all i need is mtb tire and full suspension :D
Thankfully my bicycle is a trekking converted to gravel ,that can fit up to 50mm and that is awesome.
As you probably though already ,there is not such tire , or is it ?
The answer as i found out , will be the, n+1 pairs of wheels and a suspension fork ( which i have ) which is not the optimal , economically and practically ? Especially if you live in 1bedroom apartment with a girlfriend :D
It is much better thou ,having to change the tires only on a pair of wheels but how many times can you hook and unhook a tire every other weekend before you destroy it ?
So as i was searching and thinking how i am going to have only one pair and spend hours of searching for rolling resistance and grams and if i am going tubeless or not , i was writing down notes of how to choose and made this table , that i thought to share with you.

My choices for commuting end up to be the :
1 - SCHWALBE Marathon Supreme 42mm
2 - Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H 40mm or 45mm
I was thinking of the SCHWALBE Marathon greenguard which is an awesome commuting tire but i can not bear the weight and i will take my chances with punctures , after all i have learn to change inner tubes fast enough now :)

My choices for fast weekend end up to be the :
1 - Continental Grand Prix 5000 32mm
2 - WTB Expanse 32mm

My choices for mtb/gravel weekend end up to be the :
1 - Vittoria Mezcal 27.5 - 2.1 ( 52mm , fits just )
2 - SCHWALBE Smart Sam 27.5 - 2.1
3 - Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 27.5 - 50mm
Unfortunately i have to buy a pair of 27,5 wheels here :D

So what are your thoughts , what is your approach ?

travel - commuting = 37 - 47mm , 42 for city ?
tires must be puncture proof or resistance
ideal gr = 440gr - 940gr ?

city fast = 32 - 35mm
tires must be light weight but puncture resistance
ideal gr = 300gr - 400gr ?

road = 25 - 30mm
tires must be fast !
ideal gr = the lower the better !

XC mtb = 50 - 60 mm
tires must be puncture proof or resistance
ideal gr = Unless racing , who cares ?
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