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Tire Choosing - best size for Commuting ,Gravel/Mtb,Road

evangelosnevangelosn Posts: 1
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Which is the best one ?


  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 599
    I'm in similar boat albeit I have 2 sets of wheels so one can be bad weather/winter/adventure light gravel/all road/MTB etc and the other for better conditions albeit with the changeable weather of late hard to know which wheel set to go with.
    It's an endurance bike Giant Defy Adv Pro with ultegra mechanical hydraulic disc which I think will fit 32-35mm with guards depending on tread, on hook less rims I believe tubeless.
    Currently have Pro one's 28mm on the Hunt 50mm carbon and I think the stock carbon wheels have stock tires on.
    Can't decide whether go gp5k if not hookless on the good wheels and some treaded 32mm on the other set but also after recommendations. Mainly broken tarmac national cycle network through park shared space with a 200m wooden bridge to cross slippery in wet,and road
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