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Kids bike geometry

I bought my 4 yr old a Pinnacle Koa. Seems like a great kids bike generally. But the geometry of the bike seems a bit off. Specifically, the bottom bracket height seems quite high. The saddle is as high as my daughter can manage (tip toes on the ground when sat on the saddle) but when pedalling, her knees are coming really high and even at the bottom of the pedal stroke her leg isn't very extended.
I'm wondering if this is just a common issue with kids bikes due to them being so small or if another bike might be better for her.


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    First thing to say is - at that age - as long as they are riding then everything else is secondary.

    Having said that, the correct way to establish saddle height is the distance between saddle and pedal, not saddle and floor. So if they need to touch the floor, I would encourage them to learn to stand over the bike rather than do it from a seated position.

    Your local go-ride club will teach them all this and more, but you may or may not be at that stage yet. But in the meantime as long as they’re riding then it’s all good..
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