Gap Between Headtube and Forks

Recently made some bar height adjustments and when I put everything back together the gap between the headtube and the forks seemed massive. It could well be the case I'm just paranoid but it doesn't look right.

I've taken it apart and tried it again several times but that's as flush as I can get it. Does it look OK?


  • webboo
    webboo Posts: 6,087
    Have a google at the same bike and see if it looks the same.
  • imposter2.0
    imposter2.0 Posts: 12,028
    There's probably always been a gap there, but you've just never noticed it before. As long as everything turns and works as it should, then I wouldn't be too concerned..
  • Munsford0
    Munsford0 Posts: 647
    Looks normal to me. You need a gap of some kind otherwise the fork will be grinding against the bottom of the headtube.
  • samfailed
    samfailed Posts: 82
    The gap is about 1.8mm and even all around. Doesn't seem to cause any problems just doesn't look quite right to me. Looks like it would be very easy to get water and dirt inside of it. Oh well, I'll just ride it and see I guess!